For more than 30 years, G AUTOPARTS is always working as one of the leading aftermarket specialists for drivetrain, chassis and suspension parts with premium quality to Global market for more than 95% vehicles in the world.

Quality is one of top most important business objectives.
The premium quality products and extremely high standard of service are achieving satisfaction from many customers who are from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

Based on manufacture, since 1985, G AUTOPARTS started from Driveline parts including Constant Velocity Joint (C.V. Joint, Rzeppa Joint), Drive Shaft, High speed C.V. Joint and C.V. Components like Boot, Tripod etc. And Wheel Hub Bearings, Hub Unit and bearing kits since 2005.

To integrate superior resources globally, and offer more excellent service to partners, G AUTOPARTS now offers more and more product lines like Rubber Metal Parts, Shock Absorber, Suspension products, Brake system products and others, which will bring more successes to all partners.

G AUTOPARTS is developing as INTEGRATED SUPPLIERS step by step, and sharing our advantages to our partners.

Join with family of G AUTOPARTS to have quality products, excellent service and more successes.